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The Republican Ways and Means Committee (upon which former IL Sixth District Congressman Peter Roskam was a key player) wrote a tax plan that gives small, temporary tax breaks to the middle class, while giving massive tax breaks to the wealthy; lowers the corporate tax rate (while most large corporations already pay little or no taxes); cuts deductions for state, local and real estate taxes; allows the mega-rich to pass $22 million to their heirs tax-free; and creates a $1.5 trillion hole in the Federal budget. Where will this money come from? Republicans have already said they will look at programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. How can we fight against this tax bill that actually attacks all working Americans? More important, what does this Republican tax bill say about our values?


Indivisible DuPage is part of a broad national movement, over 6000 chapters all across the nation, of citizens like yourself working to resist the Trump agenda. We support liberal congressional and local candidates, and work to educate, inform, and engage our neighbors in advancing a progressive agenda.

Our focus is DuPage County and the Sixth District, but we support like-minded groups all over the Sixth and Fourteenth Districts working to elect liberal and progressive officials at the local, state, and Federal levels.

DuPage County is increasingly diverse, liberal, and forward-thinking. It has voted for Democratic Presidential candidates in the last three elections. It is home to major industries, healthcare facilities, and two major national research laboratories. And home to almost a million people.

Why then, do about 66,000 of those people live in poverty, including about 20,000 children? Why do 65,000 collect food stamps? Why do 33% of K-12 students qualify for free or reduced lunches? Why are the homeless shelters full at night? Why are so many families insecure in their health coverage? Why do our elected representative seem unwilling to face these harsh realities?

(Sources: US Census Bureau; Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates; SmartClass.)


We stand for these progressive principles and will support candidates who support our values and those of so many of our neighbors:

• A living wage and fair work environment for all workers. We support a $15 an hour Federal and State minimum wage and other workers’ rights.

• Universal health care. We support national guaranteed health care for all, regardless of employment status or ability to pay.

• A fair tax policy. We support progressive taxes on income and policies that benefit the working families of America and provide adequate funding for Federal programs that support the social safety net.

• Fair immigration policy. We support citizenship for immigrants brought here as children and a fair path to citizenship for the undocumented.

• Investment in public education. We support our teachers and local public schools, colleges, and public universities.

• Celebrating our diversity as a people. We call for an end to a politics of hate and division.

• Women’s rights. We support equal opportunities and equal rights for women in all spheres of public life.

• Broad investment in the technologies of the future. We encourage government at all levels to pursue research in clean energy, advanced transportation, and medical research.

• Immediate action on climate change. We call for an end to science denial, and for a renewed commitment to a clean, healthy environment for us all and for future generations.

In memoriam of our dear friend and first IDP President

Mission Accomplished

Roskam sign crumpled on the curb

Chris Johnson

(June 10 1951 - December 5 2018)

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