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We are a volunteer group of your DuPage county neighbors who share progressive values


We care about the environment, taxes, healthcare, and fairness 

Join our efforts to bring better government to our county, state, and nation

Indivisible DuPage at the Women's march

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October Monthly Meeting

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Join us for a zoom meeting this month about voting and elections. We plan to talk about new IL laws including permanent VBM lists, redistricting, and elections for judges.

Sign up to participate in our monthly meeting HERE.

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Democracy Reform: HR1 & SR1


One of the foundational issues for Indivisible is the healthy functioning of democracy. We believe that when more citizens participate in voting, democracy works better. When we focus on finding solutions to issues we all face, we all do better. 


Unfortunately, our current voting rights are a patchwork with some states prioritizing inclusion of eligible voters (enfranchisement), and some trying to make it harder and harder for eligible voters to actually cast their ballots or have their voices heard (disenfranchisement). Voting isn't only about getting your ballot cast, it's also about the right to be fairly represented so your vote and your voice count just as much as your neighbor or fellow countryman in other parts of the US. Over time, elections have become more about who has the money to speak louder or who controls the drawing of district lines to choose their voters instead of competing fairly for the privilege and honor of representing their community.


It took time to get us here and it will take time and effort to dig us out, but that's what Indivisible is all about - making the change we wish to see. 

In 2019, the US House of Representatives passed HR1, the For the People Act and HR51, the DC Statehood bill. The new Congress has reintroduced these bills.


HR1 includes several measures that give citizens a more equal voice in our government:

  • expands voting rights to protect the right of eligible voters to actually cast their ballot

  • improves election security measures to increase confidence in our elections

  • establishes public funding for elections and enforcement of campaign finance rules, so the wealthiest voices don't drown out everyone else

  • ensures ethics laws apply to ALL government officials including enforcement of rules concerning conflicts of interest, lobbyists, and financial disclosure and divestment

  • provides plans to fight racial and partisan gerrymandering at all levels of government, so our representatives have to earn our votes instead of selecting their voters

HR51 enfranchises residents of DC, who do not currently have a Representative with voting rights or any Senate representation despite being home to over 700,000 voters (more than several states). DC residents have fewer voting and representation rights than any citizen in our 50 states and even US citizens who live overseas. Providing DC residents this federal status through HR51 is long overdue and brings their rights to representation in line with that of all other US citizens.


Calls to Action

Crowd of People with masks

Governor Pritzker has re-instated a universal mask mandate for indoor settings for everyone over the age of 2, regardless of vaccination status. This is needed because the COVID-19 virus has changed. While vaccination is still the best protection we have against serious illness and works well to keep most people out of the hospital even if they're infected, the variant responsible for most infections now can be spread by vaccinated individuals. This is different from previous variants, which were very rarely able to spread via vaccinated individuals.


Do your part to keep yourself and others safe from COVID-19 by always wearing your mask in indoor public spaces.

Local Focus:

Mental Health Boards:

Ready to help get a 708 board established in your Township?
A 708 board is established by voter referendum. It allows for funding via real estate taxes.


Our goal over the next year is to get a referendum on the November 2022 ballot for each township in DuPage. This is where YOU come in: to get a referendum on the ballot, a petition with voter signatures is required.

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Voting Rights Actions:

common cause textbank.png


Do you enjoy textbanking? Common Cause organizes regular textbanks targeting the constituents of Senators and patches interested recipients through to their Senator's office phone line. To be a part of these national efforts, sign up at the link below:



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Wisconsin register.png

Letter Writing:

letter writing to VA.png

Is letter writing your skill? Join the letter writing campaign to encourage Democratic leaning Virginians to vote-by-mail this fall. To get ready, download and print a batch of letters to Virginia voters and gather some stamps, envelopes, and a blue pen. How many letters can you write between now and the September 18th mail date?

Log in or create a Vote Forward account below and look for the Virginia campaign:

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Regional Voter Protection:

Regional voter protection.png

We are very blessed to have great representation in our area and to have a State government that cares about voting rights.  But our neighbors on Michigan, Wisconsin and some places in Illinois are not so lucky.  Click on the link below to see what you can do to help our neighbors.

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Campaign Training

Thank you to everyone who worked to inform and engage voters during this spring's municipal elections. Election results can be accessed Here. Approximately 16.6% of registered voters decided who our local officials will be. These office holders decide how the vast majority of property tax funds will be spent.

If you sat this election out, the next opportunity to vote for local representatives is in April 2023. In the meantime, find out what's going on in your local government and consider getting involved either by running for some of those seats or helping a candidate who shares your values and concerns. Join our mailing list to find out about how to prepare yourself as a candidate or how to help your picks win.


Rank Choice Voting

FairVoteIL bkgr.png

Rank choice voting has been proposed as a way to promote fairness and to transition away from binary choices.


Have you ever looked at your choices on the ballot and really wanted to support one candidate but gave your vote to a different candidate with a higher profile? Rank choice voting allows voters to voice their preferences in order to give excellent 3rd party candidates or your favorite primary candidates a chance to actually win. If you're tired to going through the mental gymnastics of guessing which candidate will probably have the greatest support instead of looking for your true favorite, then rank choice voting offers a solution. Check out this resource for more information and contact your IL State Senator to support SB1785.

American Rescue Plan

ARP Transportation.jpg

Did you know the American Rescue Plan includes $30.5 billion in federal funding to support the nation’s public transportation systems as they continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Get Involved Locally

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Read the new Indivisible guide.png

We hope you'll consider joining our group of volunteers here at Indivisible DuPage. It's free and there are no obligations or dues. Click here to send us an email. Meanwhile, please help progressive candidates in April by putting a sign in your yard, talking to neighbors, meet and greet hosting, phone banking, data entry, event coordination, social media creation, or fundraising.

You can learn how grass-roots political action works by watching authentic "how to" tips and techniques videos by real people - not actors. See our own Diane Hewitt on iTunes or Podbean.

Meanwhile be sure to see our News page for the latest events and keep up with Indivisible DuPage on Facebook and Twitter. Curious about what we do? See our weekly newsletter archive here, our previous meeting archive here, "Must Reads" archive here, and sign up to get email notices of our activities here.


Did you know that 30% of the 614,752 registered voters in DuPage county didn't vote in the 2016 presidential election? That more than twice that many didn't vote in the 2016 primary election? Did it matter? Ask the 14th Congressional District candidate who lost DuPage by three votes! Every vote counts, which is why you've got to get involved.

Your Representatives in Washington


Democrats were elected in historic numbers because your parents' Republican party is gone

Did you know that Theodore Roosevelt founded the National Park System, Richard Nixon created the EPA, Ronald Reagan legalized four million immigrants, and George Bush gave us Medicare drug coverage?

Charlie Sykes - Identities and Belonging in the Trump Era: One Conservative's View

In an appearance at Benedictine University in Lisle, longtime Wisconsin talk show host Charlie Sykes decried how the party of "family values" had come to embrace a man like Donald Trump.


The author of How the Right Lost Its Mind​ was particularly scornful of politicians who abandon their principles and enable a President who seems at odds with everything the Party of Lincoln once stood for. 

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