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We are an unpaid volunteer group of your DuPage county neighbors who share progressive values


We care about the environment, taxes, healthcare, and fairness 

Join our efforts to bring better government to our county, state, and nation.

You're invited

Even during this period of national crisis due to the COVID-19 virus, you can still stay involved and make your voice heard online. Head to our Facebook and Twitter accounts and participate there. Also see our Events page for the latest news and to find progressive events in Du Page county that have been rescheduled or moved online.


Meanwhile, so much has changed in the presidential race! See our Presidents page for links and status for all current and previous candidates, as well as information about the next debate. 

With the Illinois primary behind us, we now know (except for President) who our general election candidates will be. It's not too soon to be thinking about November 3rd. If you want to vote by mail, find your polling site, or check your status, see our Resources​ page for the official Du Page county and Illinois web sites. 


Curious about what we do? Check out the previous meeting archive here and "Must Reads" archive here

Get Involved

For the general election, why not volunteer to help candidates by putting a sign in your yard, talking to neighbors, meet and greet hosting, phone banking, data entry, event coordination, social media creation, or fundraising? 


Want to do more?

See authentic "how to" tips and techniques videos by real people - not actors. 

Watch our own Diane Hewitt on iTunes or Podbean to learn grass-roots political action!

See our President, Congress, State, and County pages for contact information. Sign up to get email notices of IDP activities here, and be sure to to check out the Events page for all the other stuff going on. 


Did you know that 30% of the 614,752 registered voters in DuPage county didn't vote in the 2016 presidential election? That more than twice that many didn't vote in the 2016 primary election? Did it matter? Ask the 14th Congressional District candidate who lost DuPage by three votes


The stakes couldn't have be higher, so Coalition for a Better Illinois 6th (CBIL) conducted a get-out-the-vote drive. They sent out 42,000 postcards urging voters to go to the polls.  We all pitched in and another 150,000 postcards went out for the general election. Click here to learn more about more CBIL projects.  Getting as many people to the polls as possible was critical. This was the year that every vote counted.

DuPage voters were fed up with Donald Trump's enablers. We wanted our representatives to stand up for us, not special interests. November 6, 2018 we elected new people to our County Board, new representatives in Springfield, a new Governor, and flipped control of Congress. Let's keep the momentum going!

Your 2020 Representatives in Washington


Democrats were elected in historic numbers because your parents' Republican party is gone

Did you know that Theodore Roosevelt founded the National Park System, Richard Nixon created the EPA, Ronald Reagan legalized four million immigrants, and George Bush gave us Medicare drug coverage?

In a recent appearance at Benedictine University in Lisle, longtime Wisconsin talk show host Charlie Sykes decried how the party of "family values" had come to embrace a man like Donald Trump.


The author of How the Right Lost Its Mind​ was particularly scornful of politicians who abandon their principles and enable a President who seems at odds with everything the Party of Lincoln once stood for. 

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