DuPage Townships

DuPage Townships General.png

Townships are an often forgotten unit of government. In different parts of Illinois, townships take on different roles. In more rural areas of the state, townships are an important part of local government providing residents with more accessible and responsive services and representation. In more urban and suburban areas, their roles often overlap with local municipalities and county government. In DuPage, their major responsibilities include property assessments (for taxing), road management for unincorporated portions of roads, social welfare programs, financial assistance programs, senior citizen programs, and some cemetery maintenance. If you live in an unincorporated part of DuPage, your township is your most local governing body.

Click on the map image above to find download links at the DuPage County website for high resolution PDF maps. The county also offers print versions of these maps for purchase.

Townships are also a convenient way to subdivide political party organizations. To engage with your local township Democratic Party, follow the links below to that township's website. Feel free to explore neighboring township groups as well for additional support. Many individuals participate in several groups.