Meetings Archive

Indivisible Dupage meeting

September 2021 

We learned about the purpose of 708 mental health boards and how to start one in DuPage townships from 3 guest speakers. Find out more about 708 boards here

August 2021 

We had our first in-person monthly meeting in many many months at SCARCE, whose mission is to promote and facilitate sustainable living. We learned about what resources SCARCE provides and what changes we can make in our own home and what we should advocate for on the community level. We heard from four guest speakers about voting rights and what we can do to help protect voters in our state and our neighboring states. View a recording of the Zoom meeting and check out our Facebook page.

July 2021 

We heard from four guest speakers about voting rights and what we can do to help protect voters in our state and our neighboring states. View a recording of the Zoom meeting and check out our Facebook page.

June 2021 

We heard from local organizations about sustainable landscapes and food security efforts in DuPage. View a recording of the Zoom meeting and check out our Facebook page.

April 2021

We celebrated our wins in the municipal elections and looked at the path moving forward. View a recording of the Zoom meeting and check out our Facebook page.

March 2021

We met more candidates for local offices throughout DuPage who were up for election in the April 2021 Municipal elections over the course of two meetings. View recording 1 and recording 2 of the Zoom meetings and check out our Facebook page.

February 2021

We met candidates for local offices throughout DuPage who were up for election in the April 2021 Municipal elections in the first of our "meet the candidates" series. View a recording of the Zoom meeting and check out our Facebook page.

January 2021

We listened to a panel of speakers discussing the challenges schools face in opening their doors for in-person learning. We learned about plans and guidelines for ensuring student, staff, and community safety going forward. View a recording of the Zoom meeting and check out our Facebook page.

August 2020

We learned about the Illinois Fair Tax proposal that will be on the ballot November 3rd. We also presented our new Red to Blue website. This new website provides the detail needed to make a difference not only in Illinois, but in the critical swing states such as Michigan and Wisconsin. Check out the valuable new resource 

July 2020

We heard from activists across the spectrum of political activity, including Indya Johnson, Julie Sampson and Linda Kallas. They discussed work on behalf of the NAACP, police and community reform, post card and phone banking, and advocacy for the Illinois Fair Tax.

June 2020

Newspapers still matter and they value feedback from their readers. Letters to the editor is an important way they receive that input. Published authors Flo Henderson and Walt Zlotow showed us how to organize our thoughts and write effective letters.


May 2020

We met on Zoom to find out how we could support Congressman Casten and Congresswoman Underwood in 2020. Both Lauren Underwood and Sean Casten joined the meeting remotely from Washington. Raven McShane from Underwood for Congress and Chloe Hunt with Casten for Congress took questions. We are in an odd time but we must PERSIST. The goal of this meeting was to identify actions we could take to support keeping the House BLUE!

February 2020

Since we have a historically large number of choices on the March 17 ballot, we held a  candidate's  forum at the Glen Ellyn Historical Society. Voters were able to see & hear candidates, pick up literature & signs, and volunteer for the final campaign stretch. 

January 2020 Forum

We held a special educational forum to discuss both sides of Medicare for All and Illinois' Fair Tax at the Glen Ellyn Historical Society. Both are issues that will be on the ballot and very much discussed. Former State Senator Daniel Biss spoke about the Fair Tax. Dr. John Perryman was the expert speaker on behalf of Medicare for All .  

January 2020

We met at our new permanent home at the Glen Ellyn Historical Society, 800 N. Main St. in Glen Ellyn (Our plan is to meet the 3rd Thursday of each month.) We had a great time meeting the Democratic candidates running in DuPage County for state and national offices. Attendees were able to pick up literature, yard signs, and sign up for volunteer activities.

November 2019

We met at Emmett's Brewing Company in Wheaton to celebrate the work we've done and the relationships we have built this year. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we asked our state and federal elected officials to contribute a list of worthwhile non-profit charities and organizations to donate to. A heart-felt thank you to all those who gave.

October 2019

We met at the Glen Ellyn Police Department's Community Room. State Representative Kelly Cassidy of the 14th District explained the legislation for recreational adult use cannabis that she has pioneered here in Illinois. CNN news commentator, former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti spoke about criminal justice reform with an emphasis on local issues.  We are getting in full swing for 2020!


September 2019

We met at the Glen Ellyn Police Department's Community Room. Since it's officially "petition season", David Stevens hosted a "petitions explained" discussion. IDP President Diane Hewitt gave us an overview of how to get involved in 2020. We need good people at every level of government. Wheaton Council member Erica Bray-Parker told us about the current state of Public Education in Illinois. Educators are under attack and she explained how we could help. We also heard a wrap of the FOIA project and candidates solicited petition signatures.


August 2019 

We met at the Glen Ellyn Police Department's Community Room, and the Sierra Club's Jeff Gahris talked about climate change, Illinois legislation, and public policies. He explained what we can do to support our state legislators and discussed local efforts to transition to a clean energy economy. Julia Kennedy Beckman spoke about the primaries and delegate issues.

July Meeting and Lights for Liberty event

We met on July 11 at the Wheaton Park district building in Wheaton. We had speakers who explained what we could do to help the children at the border. We made signs to be used at our Lights for Liberty event at the Naperville River Walk the following night. See our Events page for more information. Video is available here.

June 2019 - Presidential Debates 

We met at Gino's East Pizza in Wheaton on the 26th and 27th for the first two presidential debates. See our Facebook link here for details. You can also download the official Indivisible Watch Guide here. It lists key information for each of the twenty candidates, along with suggestions of what to watch for in future debates. 

June 2019 - Regular meeting

We met at our new venue, the Glen Ellyn Police Department's Community Room. It's a really nice facility located on Park Blvd in Glen Ellyn near the College of DuPage. We heard Barbara O’Meara, Denika McMillen and others speak on issues and concerns of the local LGBTQ Community. Although much has been accomplished, much work still needs to be done. DuPage County Board member Sadia Covert also addressed the group and offered her support. 

April 2019  

We tackled the issues of Online privacy. Is there anything we can do to increase our online privacy? Travis McDermott of Lucy Parsons Labs offered us a number of practical suggestions. Marie Newman, progressive candidate for Illinois 3rd congressional district addressed our group. Click here for more information about her campaign.

March 2019

We had local candidates at our March 24th meeting, and addressed post cards to remind voters of the April 2, 2019 municipal elections. We also learned about online submission of Witness Slips, the official way to comment on pending legislation in Springfield. This was a great civic outreach program. 

February 2019

Our guest speaker was Congressman Bill Foster, and we also heard from candidates running for local offices. This was in preparation for the April 2, 2019 municipal elections.


January 2019

Our guest speaker was Erica Nelson, former board member of School District 41. Remember that school board elections are the most important municipal races, after village boards and city councils. Most of your property tax dollars go to your school district. All school board candidates, regardless of party, face challenges of wise stewardship of tax dollars, the safety of our kids, teachers, and staff, and improving the quality of K-12 education.


November 2018

We enjoyed pizza and celebrated our November 6th victories and all the hard work we’ve done together!  We gathered petitions for candidates for municipal elections on April 2, 2019 (see our Facebook page to learn how). We are looking to the future to see what we can accomplish next! Share your ideas with us via email or Facebook. Your help was invaluable in 2018, thanks again! 

September 2018 

We held the biggest gathering of Democratic candidates yet at Downers Grove North High School. Over 35 in total, including Susana Mendoza, Sean Casten, and Bill Foster! We had State Senate and Representative candidates, DuPage County Board, Forest Preserve District, and Judicial candidates, too. See a list of candidates and their facebook pages here.

August 2018

We held our second Volunteer Job Fair to get ready for November 6, 2018. There are so many candidates that need your help in the Fall. What can YOU do for the BLUE WAVE? Click here to see more on Facebook. 


July 2018

Special guest Congressman Bill Foster spoke on the challenges facing us in the months ahead. Also addressing the group were 42nd District candidate Kathleen Carrier, County Clerk candidate Jean Kaczmarek, and judicial candidate Linda Davenport. We also heard from Kassie Beyer of Northern Illinois Jobs With Justice; and from Rosie Rees of Indivisible Evanston, who talked about opportunities to help sister groups with voter registration and related issues in Wisconsin and Michigan, where voter suppression impacted the 2016 results and is still a big danger. 

June 2018 

Dr. John Perryman from Medicare for All was our guest speaker. You'll want to click here to learn more about this important initiative. If you're interested in taxes, education, immigration, the environment, health, or just about any issue that concerns us as a community and county, please come to our meetings. The BLUE WAVE is about changing the leadership in our communities, counties, state and country to reflect our progressive and inclusive goals. How you engage with people you know on a daily basis can make all the difference! 

April 2018

We all know we are at a critical point in the history of our country. Everyone feels the frustration of watching events unfold that seem beyond our control. At our April meeting we learned how to do something about it (see below). 

March 2018

This meeting was a social gathering at Clara's restaurant in Woodridge. Over 60 people joined us for good food and fellowship, including a number of the candidates.

February 2018

At this meeting we met LOTS of great candidates for local races, as well as candidates for Congressional races, Attorney General and Governor! 

January 2018 

This was when we saw a scary presentation about dark money in politics. Wow, was that a wakeup call. Did you know that unelected billionaires on both sides are spending more money on elections than our political parties? click here to find out more about the non-partisan movement to stop them. We also found out what Personal PAC is doing to protect reproductive rights. Click here to learn more.