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Our endorsements: Sean Casten and Lauren Underwood

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Voting by mail (update):

The election is only days away and you can no longer request a vote by mail ballot, so you will need to vote in person. If you already received your ballot, but not sent it in, please take it to an official drop box instead of mailing it. If you have already sent in your ballot, use the County's BallotTrax system to see if has been accepted.


In person early voting is easy at one of 19 locations. The County Clerk says "All the information you need to vote in the Presidential Election" can be found on their Website here, Twitter account here, or Facebook page here


Even though voter registration has closed, you may still be able to register and vote under Grace Period rules. To register to vote or check your status in Illinois, click here.

Corona virus:

As you know, our country faces an unprecedented public health crisis from the global pandemic. As of this writing, it has infected more than 8 million Americans, and caused over 225,000 deaths at a rate approaching one every 90 seconds. Older Americans are are particular risk, but if you can just keep yourself from getting infected for a few more months, new drugs and vaccines are on the way. .


It is important that you receive information from authoritative sources. Click here for the official Illinois state web site for the latest virus information.  Click here for the the CDC's Situation Summary and here for the World health Organization's information.

Presidential debates: 

Three Presidential debates were scheduled. The first was held on September 29th in Cleveland, the second was supposed to be October 15th in Miami, but was cancelled. The third debate was held October 22nd in Nashville.

The only planned Vice Presidential debate was held on October 7th in Nashville Tennessee.

Click here for more details.

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Although our focus is Dupage county, we realize there are important races going on elsewhere in Illinois and around the country. In addition to regaining the Presidency, we must hold the House and flip the Senate to undo the damage Donald Trump has done. Our new website provides the detail you need to make a difference not only in Illinois, but in the critical swing states such as Michigan and Wisconsin. Please check out to find out about candidates in close races that you can help.

Selected Local Events

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Important and Ongoing


  • To help save the RGB legacy, click here

  • Stephen Colbert's Better Know a Ballot National Voter Resource, click here

  • Support RideShare 2vote to help needy Texans get to the polls, click here

  • Indivisible Illinois Twitterstorm every Wednesday at 12 pm, click here

  • Local elections Candidate Training every Saturday 8:30 am, click here

  • Phone bank for Wisconsin Get Out The Vote every day, click here

  • Phone bank for Betsy Dirksen londrigan almost every day, click here

  • Design Your Vote, create 6 x 6 art to express how voting changes your world! Click here



Much of the time we are focused on what is going on in Washington, or maybe Springfield. For sure what happens there is important. But the truth is the decisions being made in municipal, school districts, park district, library district, and fire district offices have a lot more impact on our daily lives. 


Did you know that Illinois has the greatest number of governmental units of any state in the union? That we have have some of the highest property taxes in the country as well? Neither Washington or Springfield set those rates, our local officials do. It is critical that we in DuPage County elect good people with progressive values, but also people who will be wise stewards of our money!

There are a lot of seats up in 2021 in our area! Take a look at this graphic:

Considering running but don't know where to start? Our summer candidate training is in full force and there are still 6 more weeks to get involved! The next class will be on Saturday, September 12 at 8:30 am and will be focused on petitions. We will also have a Chicago election attorney speaking! Join us HERE.

Here is a full list of the positions that will be on the ballot in April 2021 in your area: 


Here are the descriptions of the roles for Lisle, most townships are similar

Want to know more? IDP's own Diane Hewitt is here to help. Diane is chair of the Lisle Township Democratic Organization and has made a number of videos show you how to become a candidate and conduct a successful campaign. What you will see are local people conducting actual campaigns for better government in DuPage county. No paid actors, this is the real deal. Although developed for 2019, these videos will be very useful for the 2021 election: 

Things to consider

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FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE OFFICES AND THE PETITION DEADLINES, consult the DuPage County Election Commission website, or contact your unit of local government


Things are happening daily all over DuPage County.

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