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Latest News:

Corona virus:

Our country faces an unprecedented public health crisis from what is now a global pandemic. COVID-19 is a strain of Corona virus similar to MERS and SARS and has infected over 320,000 people. It is important that you receive information from authoritative sources. Click here for the official Illinois state web site for the latest virus information.  Click here for the the CDC's Situation Summary and here for the World health Organization's information.

War with Iran:

Yes, it absolutely may still happen. We went to the brink of war with Iran as a result of President Trump's decision to assassinate their top general in a drone strike at Baghdad's international airport. Note the President did not seek Congressional approval before acting and his rationale for killing General Soleimani is unclear at best.  Also be aware that Iran has more than twice the population of Iraq and is three times its size. Another Mideast war is the last thing America - or the world - needs right now. Make your feelings known to Washington. See our reaction in the You-Tube video clip here


It's over for now. We heard compelling testimony alleging that President Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter by withholding critical military aid. Is coercing a foreign government to investigate a political rival an impeachable offense? Certainly a majority of House members thought so and Articles of Impeachment were approved, making Donald Trump the third American president to be impeached. 


Action then moved to the Republican controlled Senate. After initial presentations for and against impeachment, the Senate voted to not see any additional evidence or call any witnesses. As expected, a partisan vote (lacking only Sen. Romney) ended the trial with President Trump's acquittal. Note that this does not prevent new impeachment charges from being brought in the future should they be warranted. Other investigations will continue.

Presidential debates: 

The final Democratic primary debate was scheduled for April. But no host, date, or time have been announced. If this debate happens, only Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders will be on stage. Click here for the latest debate rules.

Tragedy at the border: 

Although the border crisis has faded from the headlines, detention facilities are over crowded and dangerous conditions still exist. Remember Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and his young daughter Valeria died trying to cross the Rio Grande near Brownsville, Texas. The Border Patrol cataloged the deaths of 283 migrants in 2018. Valeria was the 7th child to die in 2019, and more have followed this year. We hope you made your voice heard at one of our area's Lights for Liberty events. See video of our participation here, our information pamphlet here, and our flyer for how you can help shut down the detention centers here

Click here for information and links to organizations that are working directly to address this crisis. Included are religious, social, and legal aid groups who will welcome your help and support. All Americans, regardless of their political differences, want to see immigrants and asylum-seekers treated in a way that reflects the values of this great country.

All people in this country, regardless of whether they are citizens, visitors, immigrants, or asylum seekers, have legal rights. Everyone is entitled to due process of law. So what should someone do if confronted by CBP or ICE agents? Click for useful information if that happens at your home, workplace, or at school.

We are a sanctuary state

Illinois wants police officers to enforce our laws without being hindered by immigration issues. Officers need victims to report crimes and witnesses to come forward without fear of being targeted because they are undocumented or their paperwork is still under review.


Even though the Illinois sanctuary law helps law enforcement do its job, some local officials are not following it. Please help us survey our county for the immigration policies that have been and are being used. To do that we are filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to find out what is happening and what has been happening. Feel free to FOIA any and every municipality on the list. Click here to see instructions and directions on how.


Local Progressive Events

Current status:

As you know, Illinois is operating under an emergency shelter-in-place order until April 7th. This means that gatherings of groups of people are prohibited, non-essential businesses have closed, and travel other than to buy groceries, gasoline, medical appointments, etc., is forbidden.

But this does not mean that progressive efforts will stop, just that they will move online. There will be plenty of opportunities to join webinars, Zoom meetings, online town halls, etc.

As organizations sort out the logistics of going online, we will post them here. Know that we will get though this difficult time together and we will stay focused on continuing the Blue wave on November 3rd.



Much of the time we are focused on what is going on in Washington, or maybe Springfield. For sure what happens there is important. But the truth is the decisions being made in municipal, school districts, park district, library district, and fire district offices have a lot more impact on our daily lives. 


Consider that Illinois has the greatest number of governmental units of any state in the union. Also know that we have have some of the highest property taxes in the country as well. Neither Washington or Springfield set those rates, our local officials do. It is critical that we in DuPage County elect good people with progressive values, but also people who will be wise stewards of our money! 


Does this sound like you? IDP's own Diane Hewitt is here to help. Diane is vice-chair of the Lisle Township Democratic Organization and has made a number of videos show you how to become a candidate and conduct a successful campaign. What you will see are local people conducting actual campaigns for better government in DuPage county. No paid actors, this is the real deal. 

Although developed for 2019, this information will be very useful for our next election: 

Things to consider

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FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE OFFICES AND THE PETITION DEADLINES, consult the DuPage County Election Commission website, or contact your unit of local government


Other events are happening daily all over DuPage County.

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